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2021/01-2021/06 China’s melamine export interpretation

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In the first half of 2021, China's total exports of melamine amounted to 219,700 metric tons, which increase of 43.97% over the same period last year. As the following chart shows, the export volume was at a high level every month, especially in the second quarter. Global supply will remain tight in the future, so monthly exports will remain at high.


From the point of view of the specific receiving and sending place, the main production area is still the main exporting place. The chart below shows that the top 10 regions for receiving and shipping have all seen some increase volumn over the same period last year. From January to June, the total export of Shandong province was 76,800 metric tons, 43.95% higher than the same period last year; Sichuan province 42,100 metric tons, up 10.40% year on year; Henan province was 29,600 tons, up 46.83% year on year.


70% of the world's melamine production capacity is in China. QINGDAO EASTHONY and QINGDAO EASTCHEM are located in Shandong Province, which is the largest melamine production base in China. Combined with the advantage of the largest melamine export port QINGDAO PORT, we will gather production capacity, logistics, information, technology, to provide customers with the best services.

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