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Application of polyvinyl alcohol PVA in adhesive

Application of polyvinyl alcohol PVA in adhesive

Polyvinyl alcohol can be used in textile pulp, vinylon fiber, paper coating agent, building coatings, adhesives, PVA film, PVB raw materials, food and medicine and other fields, PVA can also be used as soil modifier, polymerization suspension agent and emulsifier, quenching agent and so on.In addition, with the continuous development and improvement of PVA performance, its use is also continuously expanding.

A. The water solution of polyvinyl alcohol has strong adhesion to materials containing cellulose (such as paper, cloth, wood, etc.), and has the advantages of safety and non-toxicity. It can be used for laminating cardboard, bonding corrugated cardboard and office glue.PVA is also used as adhesive in kraft paper bags for packing heavy objects such as cement, fertilizer and grain.

B. Urea-formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin modified with polyvinyl alcohol can be used as adhesives for laminates and wood-based panels.

C, polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution (by adding appropriate fillers, auxiliaries) is also widely used in the preparation of printing binding, paper tubes, cartons and other paper adhesion required.

D, polyvinyl alcohol under acid catalysis, condensation with formaldehyde, butyral, glyaldehyde or other aldehydes, can generate polyvinyl acetal with stronger water resistance, adhesion, mechanical strength (such as PVAF, PVB) is widely used in construction, coatings, adhesives, safety glass sandwich and other fields.With the increase of PVA polymerization degree, the viscosity of acetal increases.

E. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is an excellent protective colloid and dispersant for homopolymerization of vinyl acetate or copolymerization of vinyl acetate with other monomers to produce emulsion (white glue). It is very important in the production of white glue.Generally, the emulsion viscosity increases with the polymerization degree of polyvinyl alcohol.Partial alcoholysis polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and complete alcoholysis polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) are more commonly used together. The use of partial alcoholysis polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) can increase the emulsion stability, and the use of complete alcoholysis polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) can increase the emulsion water resistance.

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