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  • [Shipping News]Batch of Polyvinyl alcohol 0599 Shipped on Sep. 2022

    In early September, Qingdao Easthony Inc shipped a batch of PVA 0599. Due to the Neutral packaging bag, each package needs to be labeled to facilitate customers to distinguish the polyvinyl alcohol model. Our staff worked hard to finish the label pasting in order to catch the ship. To provide custom

  • [Shipping News]140Tons Washed Clay Shipped

    During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Qingdao Easthony 160 tons of Washed Clay was loaded into containers, waiting for shipment. During the loading period, the workers carefully checked the condition of the containers, and the goods were neatly arranged and carefully counted. Serious and careful,

  • [Shipping News]Batch of Carbohydrazide Shipped On Time

    In 11th September, Qingdao Easthony Inc transported batch of Carbohydrazide to Columbia.Developing new products, new markets and expanding new businesses has always been our development direction.

  • [Shipping News]Melamine Shipped to the United Arab Emirates

    In early September, Qingdao Easthony Inc transported 80 tons of melamine to the Jebel Ali, the United Arab Emirates.In the complex and changeable melamine market, protecting customers' interests is our first principle. Our team coordinates and cooperates to deliver the goods at the first time. We al

  • [Shipping News]Batch of Fumaric Acid Shipped on Time

    Qingdao Eastchem sent batch of fumaric acid from China to Port Nhava Sheva set sail. LOA PEACE officially set sail on 24th Aug 2022.Guarantee product quality, ensure delivery speed, do not delay customer use, and solve problems for customers, we have been doing it.

  • [Shipping News]100tons Activated Bleaching Earth Shipped

    In August, 100 tons of activated bleaching earth will be shipped from China. It is expected to set sail “NAN GANG 92” on August 15. In order to ensure the delivery time and protect the interests of customers, we book the best route, in advance to ensure the continuous shipment of goods. as far as p

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