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Domestic melamine price trend

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Domestic melamine price trend

In May, China's melamine market began to slide. The average ex-factory price of normal pressure malemine was 12,329 yuan/ton, up 15.24 yuan month-on-month and 172.34% year-on-year. By the end of May, some of the domestic and foreign end users began to make purchase, transaction situation was better.

Market forecast in June

rom the perspective of raw materials, the price of urea is still high, melamine price goes up accordingly. On the other hand, some enterprise plan to maintenance in June, the start of the operation rate will be lower than the previous. Therefore, we believe that the transanction will be better next month. Due to less inventory by end users and maintenance plan, the supply of cargo will become tight again and later market will go up soon.

Remark: The analysis is based on transaction in China's domestic market, it’s only for reference.


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