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Eastchem activated clay products step to the pharmaceutical field

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Since June 2017, Eastchem  keeps receiving a certain number of consultations from pharmaceutical  R&D institutions and drugs companies, what require a new type of  Bleaching Earth for the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field  of BCD.The new clay should meet the strict needs of customers and characteristics of multi-component mixing.

With 20  years of experience in the field of activated clay, start from minerals  selection, PH control, heavy metal control to additive agents testing,  sample testing, Eastchem finally developed a new series of medical grade  Bleaching earth. The new type clay has been tested and recognized by  many customers.

Easstchem  has signed formal orders with our customers, starting from sample  testing and finally entered the pharmaceutical field successfully. In  2019, it grows to one important product item with stable formal orders  and excellent performance.

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