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Why do we need polyvinyl alcohol?
Polyvinyl alcohol has unique strong adhesion, film flexibility, smoothness, oil resistance, solvent resistance, protective colloid properties, gas barrier properties, abrasion resistance and water resistance through special treatment. It is one of the essential production materials in life. (1)
May 01, 2021
What is the use of melamine?
Melamine powder uses urea as raw material, and it takes about 3 tons of urea to produce 1 ton of melamine. China is the largest urea producer in the world, with large urea production and low prices. Even under the background of high tariffs to suppress urea exports, the annual urea export volume sti
April 29, 2021
What is melamine?
What is melamine?Melamine powder is a part of organic alkali and cinnamide, and it is white. It has flame-retardant properties when mixed with resin, and it has a variety of industrial uses, thereby adding value. As we all know, it is an industrial compound that can play a role in the manufacture of
April 23, 2021
What is melamine gazing powder?
What is melamine gazing powder?Melamine glazing powder is also called glazing powder. The molecular structure of glass powder is basically the same as that of melamine resin molding powder. This is an off-molecule compound. The formaldehyde and melamine reaction resin dried by the ball machine are m
April 21, 2021
What can be made with melamine and formaldehyde as raw materials
What can be made with melamine and formaldehyde as raw materialsWhat can be made with melamine and formaldehyde as raw materials. Melamine resin can be prepared by condensation polymerization of melamine and formaldehyde, which can be used in plastics and coatings industry, and can also be used as a
April 19, 2021
What are the applications of melamine molding compound powder?
What are the applications of melamine molding compound powder?Melamine thermosetting plastics are approved for contact with food, and will not affect the flavor of food even at high temperatures, so it can be used in kitchens, utensils and tableware, bathroom accessories and electrical components, a
April 16, 2021

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