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General situation of China's melamine export during March-April, 2021

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    The situation of melamine export continued to improve in 2021, which export volumn exceeded 40,000 tons each month in March and April. In this circumstance, domestic price increases quickly, export price rises accordingly.

    Export volumn compared with the same period in last year. has increased each month in the first four months. Total export volumn from January to April were 144,000 tons, rising by 24.14% from 116,000 tons in the same period last year.

    From production and marketing countries and regions, Southeast Asia and Europe are still the main source of goods. And the amount to India, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia and the Netherlands has significantly increased this year, which is influenced by some installations in Europe and India are operating unsteadily or shut down for maintenance. Export Volumn increased 133.57% to India, and increased 126.74% to the Netherlands compared to last year.


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