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High Quality API/OCMA Sodium Bentonite for Drilling Fluids

Other name: Montmorillonite
  • Industrial grade
  • Eastchem
  • 1302-78-9
  • 250810
  • Al2O3.4(SiO2).H2O
  • 215-108-5
  • White /light yellow powder

Technical Parameters

Item(Suspension performance) Index

Viscosity (600r/min)


Yield point/Plastic Viscosity Ratio


Residue of diameter 75um

Filter loss/cm3 ≤14


Bentonite undergoes great expansion when it is caught in water, so it possesses good characteristics of colloids, and it can add viscosity of suspension. When used for drilling mud, it can add lubrification of drilling too can clean rock cuttings produced in the course of drilling well. It can be extensively used for drilling construction of complex tectonic layer to avoid the hole trouble. The product is well-known for the good performance of good hydration, strong expansion with water, large exchange amount of positive ion and high mud production rate.

drilling bentonite application_副本
drilling bentonite application2


Packed in 25kgs/1000kgs bags

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drilling bentonite
drilling bentonite
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