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Industrial Grade 95% Carbohydrazide Powder Application

Other name: Carbohydrazide powder
  • Industrial grade
  • Eastchem
  • 497-18-7
  • 2928000090
  • White powder

Technical Parameters

assay 98.0-100.9 99.13
chloride 0-8 0.1
moisture 0.20%max 0.11
fluoride content 0-8 0.1
iron content 0-8 0.30
calcium content 0-8 0.1
PH 7.2-9.7 8
loss on drying 0-0.2 0.01
sodium 4ppm max 0.30
silica 10ppm max 6
1ppm max <1
hydrazine 0-1000 170
sulfate 20ppm max 7
lead content
0-4 0.2
methanol 0-10 1.7


Carbohydrazide is a kind of hydrazine derivatives have strong reducibility, and carhydrazide can be used for manufacturing can contain material intermediates, also carbohydrazide can be used for rocket propellant.

The preservative of refinery equipment, can be used as deoxidizer of boiler water treatment agent. Chemical fiber industry as a crosslinking agent of elastic fibers.

As a chemical raw materials and chemical intermediates, are widely used in pharmaceuticals, herbicides, plant growth regulator, dyes and other industries.

Carbohydrazide easily decomposes in the melt processing. It is well soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform and benzene. Carbohydrazide is a derivative of hydrazine and has strong reducibility. It has dibasic and very reactive properties. Carbohydrazide is used as a component in jet fuels because it produce a large amount of heat when burned. Carbohydrazide is used as rocket fuel. Carbohydrazide is used as an oxygen scavenger for water boiler feed and heating systems to prevent corrosion damage. Carbohydrazide is used as a reducing agent for the recovery of precious metals. Carbohydrazide is used as a polymerization catalyst and a chain extender in urethane coatings. Carbohydrazide is used as an auxiliary in photographic industry to prevent discolouration. Carbohydrazide is used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, stabilizers and water treatment chemicals. Carbohydrazide and its derivatives are versatile intermediates. They have active applications in organic synthesis for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, photographic, heat stabilizers, polymerization catalysts, flame- retardants, blowing agents for plastics, explosives, and dyes.



Packed in kraft bag or fiber can

diatomite package 4


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