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Industrial Grade A10 Polyvinyl Butyral Powder

  • Industrial grade
  • Eastchem
  • 63148-65-2
  • 39059990
  • C16H28O5
  • 613-158-6
  • white powder

Technical Parameters

Index  E-10 E-20 E-30 E-40 E-50



Appearance White or slightly yellow power,no visible impurity
Volatile,%,≤ 3.0
Viscosity,S(-1 viscometer method) Powder White 1.7-2.5 ≤0.5 8-11 ≤0.53 ≤0.34
Hydrogen chloride,%,≤ 0.05
Polyvingl butyrdsf,% 68~85  68~85  70~85
Ash,%,≤ 0.05


Polyvinyl butyral resin(PVB) is the synthertic resin composed of PVA and butyl aldehyde with condensation reaction.Polyvinyl butyral resin(PVB) Adhesive grade are widely used in paper base copper clad,thermal transfer ink, cypress paper printing ink, glue metal protection primer,badminton,ceramic color paper,aluminum foil adhesive,electronic ceramics,silk screen printing ink,casting and resin grinding wheel, straw hat,fiber treating agent and cellulose sponge,etc.

Polyvinyl butyral resin(PVB) film grade are used in PVB film which is a important new material in aerospace automotive and safety glass industries.

polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral


Packed in 25kgs/1000 kgs Woven bag with inner plastic bags.

polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral

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