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Industrial Grade MPP Melamine Polyphosphate Powder

  • Industrial grade
  • Eastchem
  • 218768-84-4
  • (C3H6N6) n (HPO3) m
  • 239-590-1
  • White /light pink powder

Technical Parameters

Item FR-NP FR-NP100
N content %
43±0.5 43±0.5
P content  % 13±0.5 13±0.5
particle size  μm D50 ≤5 D50 ≤5
D98 ≤35 D98 ≤35
moisture  %
≤0.2 ≤0.2


Melamine polyphosphate (MPP) is an efficient nitrogen phosphorus intumescent flame retardant. The product has the advantages of high thermal stability, low water solubility and excellent flame retardancy. It is mainly used for flame retardancy in glass fiber reinforced nylon, polyurethane and fiber fabrics.Mainly used in polyamide, especially PA6, PA66, glass fiber-reinforced PA6, PA66 AND PBT,ect. Nylon containing NP-100 can be used in all kinds of injection and extrusion process and meet all kinds of processing demands of polyamide and glass fiber polyamide.

Melamine Polyphosphate4
Melamine Polyphosphate3
Melamine Polyphosphate5


Packed in 25kgs/ 1000kgs bags

Melamine Polyphosphate6
Melamine Polyphosphate8
Melamine Polyphosphate9
Melamine Polyphosphate7

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