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Industrial Grade Polyvinyl Butyral Powder

  • Industrial grade
  • Eastchem
  • 63148-65-2
  • 39059990
  • C16H28O5
  • 613-158-6
  • white powder

Technical Parameters

Index  E-10 E-20 E-30 E-40 E-50



Appearance White or slightly yellow power,no visible impurity
Volatile,%,≤ 3.0
Viscosity,S(-1 viscometer method) Powder White 1.7-2.5 ≤0.5 8-11 ≤0.53 ≤0.34
Hydrogen chloride,%,≤ 0.05
Polyvingl butyrdsf,% 68~85  68~85  70~85
Ash,%,≤ 0.05


Polyvinyl Butyral (Polyvinyl Butyral, referred to as PVB) is a condensation product of polyvinyl alcohol and butyral under acid catalysis. Because PVB molecules contain longer branches, they have good flexibility, low glass transition temperature, high tensile strength and impact resistance; PVB has excellent transparency, good solubility, good light resistance, water resistance, Heat resistance, cold resistance and film-forming properties; it contains functional groups that can undergo saponification of ethylphthalein groups, and various reactions such as esterification and sulfonation of groups; and have high resistance to glass, metals (especially aluminum) and other materials Adhesion. Therefore, it has been widely used in the manufacture of laminated safety glass, adhesives, ceramic decals, aluminum foil paper, electrical materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, fabric treatment agents, etc., and has become an indispensable synthetic resin material.

polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral


Packed in 25kgs/1000 kgs Woven bag with inner plastic bags.

polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral
polyvinyl butyral

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