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Melamine Formaldehyde Resin Powder Food grade

Other name: Melamine moulding compound powder, MF Resin, MF Powder
  • Food grade
  • Eastchem
  • 108-78-1
  • White Powder or other colors as custom requirement

Technical Parameters



white, odorless, no foreign matter
Melamine migration volume (4% Acetic acid, 70℃, 2H) Mg/kg ≤2.5 <0.2
Melamine migration volume (10% Ethanol, 70℃, 2H) Mg/kg ≤2.5 <0.2
Melamine migration volume (N-heptane, 70℃, 2H) Mg/kg ≤2.5 <0.2
Formaldehyde migration volume (4% Acetic acid, 70℃, 2H) Mg/kg ≤15 1.30
Formaldehyde migration volume (10% Ethanol, 70℃, 2H) Mg/kg ≤15 0.33
Formaldehyde migration volume (95% Ethanol, 70℃, 2H) Mg/kg ≤15 <0.056


Melamine Formaldehyde Resin Powder (MF powder) is a thermosetting plastic composed of resin co condensed by formaldehyde and melamine and various additives. It is one of the amino molding compounds. It has the advantages of easy forming chemical book, low molding shrinkage, high dimensional accuracy and good processing performance. 

Products with Melamine Formaldehyde Resin have excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy and good mechanical strength, what can be widely used in articles closely related to daily life, like tableware, water cup, spoon, fork etc

According to resin type, amino molding compound can be divided into urea formaldehyde molding compound (UF), melamine formaldehyde molding compound (MF) and melamine urea formaldehyde molding compound (MUF). Compared with other urea formaldehyde chemical molding materials, MF materials have the following characteristics: low water absorption, good resistance to water solution pollution, wide color range, good heat resistance, high hardness, good electrical properties, arc resistance and scratch resistance under humid and high temperature conditions.

melamine resin application 1
melamine resin application 2
melamine resin application 3


Packed in 25kgs woven bags

melamine resin bag 1
melamine resin bag 2
melamine resin bag 3
melamine resin bag 4

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