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Natural Fuller's Earth for vegetable oil

Other name:activated bleaching clay , bleaching clay , activated bentonite ,fuller's earth

Technical Parameters

Item  Unit
Apparent bulk density  g/l 450-550
Free moisture(2h,110℃) % ≤10
Loss on ignition(predried,2h,1000℃) % 7-10
PH(10% suspension,filtered)
Free acid(as H2SO4) % ≤0.01
Particle size>63um % <25
Heavy metals(as Pb,As) ppm ≤50


Natural  fuller's earths have been used in the refinement of edible oils and fats,this application is one of the most important areas of use for bleaching earths.Powerful against undesired odor, flavor and impurities from crude oils and fats, bleaching earths have now been in use for more than 100 years.We have 3 grades suitable well for palm oil refining . 

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Packed in 25kgs/1000kgs

diatomite package 2
bleaching earth package

Performance Plate

Bleaching Earth Process Flow

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