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Overview of China's domestic melamine market

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       China's domestic melamine market showed a downward trend in November. As of November 25, the average factory price of melamine products this month was 17,061 yuan/ton, down 2605 yuan/ton compared with the same period last month, down 13.25%; Compared with the same period last year, 10,440 yuan/ton, or 157.68%. In  early of this month, the price of melamine remains high, which continues to restrict the downstream operation. The demand is tepid, and manufacturers gradually come under pressure to accept orders and deliver goods, so they begin to reduce prices and promote sales. However, the downstream market is affected by the psychological influence of buying up but not buying down, and the enthusiasm for taking goods is obviously reduced, so they are more cautious and  prefer to wait and see first. In terms of exports, due to the tightness of some shipping routes in the maritime market, and the lack of available containers, many goods are stuck in ports and waiting for shipment.

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