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POLYVINYL ALCOHOL PVA for PVC Suspending agent

EASTCHEM suspension dispersant product is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) product with special structure and function, which has the advantages of less impurities, high purity, excellent adhesive retention and dispersion ability.
  • Industrial grade
  • Eastchem


Suspension dispersant is mainly used as polymerization agent for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride to produce PVC resin.

EASTCHEM LE-02A is yellow or yellowish viscous solution, it's 43% hydrolysed polyvinyl alcohol supplied as a low viscosity. LE-02A has good performance in enhancing porosity/bulk density relationship.

HE-200 has good mutual solubility with vinyl chloride monomer, a 45% hydrolysed polyvinyl alcohol supplied as a low viscosity solution, dissolving in a water/isopropyl alcohol solution.

HK-260 is an yellow liquid of a 55% hydrolysed polyvinyl alcohol.

PVA Suspension Dispersant from EASTCHEM1)
PVA Suspension Dispersant from EASTCHEM2


Packed in 160kg drum/800kg drum

PVA Suspension Dispersant from EASTCHEM3
PVA Suspension Dispersant from EASTCHEM4


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