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The applications and uses of Melamine

The applications and uses of Melamine

Melamine is a widely used basic organic chemical intermediate, most notably as a raw material for the production of melamine-formaldehyde resin (MF), which can also be used as a flame retardant, and water reducer, and formaldehyde cleaner. The resin is harder than urea-formaldehyde resin, non-flammable, water-resistant, heat-resistant, aging-resistant, arc-resistant, chemically resistant, has good insulating properties, gloss, and mechanical strength, and is widely used. Next, let's take a look at the applications and uses of Melamine. Here are some answers.

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Melamine is used in four main ways.

Melamine can be used to make Melamine tableware.

Melamine is used in four main ways.

Firstly, Melamine can be made into fireproof, shock-resistant, and heat-resistant laminates, brightly colored, strong, and heat-resistant decorative panels, veneer panels for aircraft, ships, and furniture, and fireproof, shock-resistant, and heat-resistant decorative materials for houses. Secondly, Melamine is etherified with butanol and methanol and used as a glue linker for high-grade thermosetting coatings, solid powder coatings, metal coatings, and high-grade amino resin decorative paints for vehicles and electrical appliances. Thirdly, melamine 99.9% can be made into nectarine plastic after mixing and granulation, which is non-degradable, stain-resistant, maintains good electrical properties when wet, and can be made into white, drop-resistant daily utensils, sanitary ware, and imitation porcelain tableware, electrical equipment, and other high-grade insulation materials. Fourth, Melamine can be used as a paper treatment agent after etherification with ether to produce wrinkle-resistant, shrinkage-resistant, non-decaying banknotes and military maps, and other high-grade paper. Fifth, Melamine formaldehyde tree ester mixed with other raw materials can also produce fabric finishing agent, leather tanning and wetting agent, varnishing agent and anti-water agent, rubber adhesive, combustion aid, high-efficiency cement water reducing agent, steel desalination agent, etc.

Melamine can be used to make Melamine tableware.

The common Melamine tableware comes from the English translation of Melamine; as the Melamine molding powder is mainly made of Melamine and formaldehyde polymerized resin, and then added to wood pulp, this molding powder is made into beautiful and durable tableware by high temperature and pressure, hence the name. Tableware made from Melamine resin is often found in everyday life. The physical properties of this type of ware are very similar to those of ceramics, being hard and non-deformable but not as fragile as ceramics. Melamine is also used as a paper treatment agent in conjunction with ether, as a cross-linking agent in some paints, and as a flame retardant chemical treatment agent.

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