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What is melamine gazing powder?

What is melamine gazing powder?

Melamine glazing powder is also called glazing powder. The molecular structure of glass powder is basically the same as that of melamine resin molding powder. This is an off-molecule compound. The formaldehyde and melamine reaction resin dried by the ball machine are made into powdered raw materials. Because no pulp is added, it is also called fine powder. Melamine resin molding powder is non-toxic and odorless. It is an ideal glazing material for amino mold products. It has the characteristics of making the product bright and wear-resistant.


(1) What is melamine glazing powder?

Melamine glazing powder is used in various coatings. This is the so-called melamine-formaldehyde resin, which shows the finished product excellent gloss and surface hardness. In addition, this powder also improves the resistance of the finished product to stains, heat and chemicals.

Melamine is the raw material for the manufacture of "melamine formaldehyde resin", also known as "poly Urine resin", "melamine", "scientific porcelain" and "melamine resin", with the English abbreviation "MF". Plastic powder, paper, etc.

Common melamine tableware is the transliteration of melamine in English; because the melamine molding powder is mainly made of melamine and formaldehyde polymerized resin, and then wood pulp is added, the molding powder is made into beautiful and durable tableware through high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, this is a translated name. Tableware and utensils made of melamine resin can often be seen in daily life. The physical properties of this kind of utensils are very similar to ceramics. They are hard and not deformable but not as fragile as ceramics. Pure melamine tableware has good high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance, so it is widely used in the catering industry.


(2) The characteristics of tableware made of melamine glazing powder

Temperature change: Melamine is heated to harden and shape.

The temperature of the noodle soup changes. A bowl of noodle soup is about 700ml. The temperature in the first 15 minutes averages 70 degrees, and after 15 minutes it drops to 55 degrees. If a non-100% melamine bowl of poor material (products with urea-formaldehyde resin added), if under the same temperature conditions, 0.75mg of melamine will be released. However, according to the regulations of the US FDA, the maximum allowable daily intake (TDI) per person per day is 0.063 mg per kilogram of body weight, and a person with a weight of 60 kg is allowed to consume 3.78 mg of melamine per day. Therefore, you can eat more than five bowls of 700ml noodle soup a day.


(3) Precautions for using melamine tableware

When using melamine tableware, pay attention to:

Melamine tableware must not be microwaved or steamed.

Melamine tableware contains less hot, acidic food. When foodies have no choice, they can drink more water and less soup.

Melamine tableware soup ladles, spoons, and chopsticks should not be placed in hot soup or pot for cooking.

Melamine tableware should not be washed with vegetable cloth or steel. After soaking for a while, clean it with sponge and rag.

Melamine tableware should not be used as long as it is scratched, and must be updated, and should not be used for hot food.

Melamine tableware has been used for many years. Because the material will age, it should be replaced regularly for 2-3 years.

Avoid buying melamine tableware with a pungent smell, and prevent buying secondary products with formaldehyde residues.

Buy good-quality melamine tableware, and don’t buy products that are too cheap from unknown sources.




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