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For product quality assurance, there is only a starting point and no end point.

Quality assurance ability is a long-term commitment, the company will be persistent, always grasp unremitting, to ensure the product quality assurance ability, to maintain its core competitiveness.

Over the years, the company has always adhered to the quality policy of "high quality products, professional services", strictly in accordance with the requirements of certification standards, and effectively maintain high-quality product production.

Product Category

Our food additives are mainly divided into four categories: citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, and fumaric acid. Please come and learn about them.
The citric acid (CA), also known as citric acid, the molecular formula for C H O, is an important organic acid, colorless crystal, odorless, has a strong sour taste, soluble in water, is a natural preservative and food additive.
" Ammonium bicarbonate Names IUPAC name Ammonium hydrogen carbonate Other names Bicarbonate of ammonia, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, hartshorn, AmBic, powdered baking ammonia, Baking soda, mainly as a sponging agent used for baking foods such as crisp cake, biscuit, etc. in addition, it is also widely used in the Chemical field, such as flour brightening agent, fares earth deep processing, medicine midbody, plastics processing, electronic element, etc."
Sodium Bicarbonate is mainly used in the food industry as additives, foam in the rubber industry, antacids in the pharmaceutical industry, generating agent in fire-fighting equipment, a chelating agent in detergent, detergents in film production, and CO2 occurred agent in soft drinks, beer, beverage.
Fumaric acid is widely used in the fields of food, coating, resin, and plasticizer. Fumaric acid is used as an acidifying agent in the food industry. It can be used in cool drinks, western-style wine, cold drinks, concentrated fruit juice, canned fruits, pickles, and ice cream. As an acidic material for solid beverages, it has good durability and fine tissue.

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