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  • [Shipping News]140 tons Melamine Shipped to India

    18th Nov. Qingdao Eastchem Inc shipping 140tons melamine to India.In the complex market changes of melamine, we have always been grateful for the support of new and old customers.we adhere to the "customer first" principle of providing our customers with quality service.Contact information: melamine

  • [Shipping News]Batch of PVA 1788 Shipped On 11th. Nov.2022

    Qingdao Eastchem Inc shipping batch of Polyvinyl alcohol 1788 On 11th. Nov.PVA 1788 is widely used in textile industry, lumbering and paper-making industry, as well as as soil improver, pesticide adhesion synergist, etc.Our company adheres to the principle of service first, and welcomes your consult

  • Water resistance of PVA

    The hydroxyl groups on the PVA molecular chain have good hydrophilic properties, but while increasing the water flux, the membrane is easily swelled or even dissolved in water. It is necessary to consume some hydroxyl groups through cross-linking to form stable functional groups to improve the water

  • Water flux modified by PVA membrane separation performance

    The cross-linking reaction can effectively improve the mechanical strength and water resistance of the membrane, but it will sacrifice the water flux to a certain extent. Adding pore-forming particles or performing hydrophilic treatment on the base membrane can increase the water flux to make up for

  • [Shipping News]120Tons Washed Clay Shipped On 5th. Nov 2022

    On 5th. Nov, Qingdao Eastchem Inc 120 tons of washed clay were shipped on time.Different models of washed clay are applicable to different products. If you are interested in our products, welcome consult. We can provide samples for you to test.

  • Types of PVA Films

    PVA film can be divided into the following three types according to the degree of polymerization and alcoholysis of the PVA resin used and the different processing and production methods: water-soluble PVA film, insoluble PVA film, and biaxially oriented PVA film. Let's take a look at it next. Here

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